Digital treatment support for all oncological indications

Mika is a digital and cross-indication assistant to support people receiving treatment for cancer.
Several clinical studies have already shown that using Mika has a positive effect on the course of treatment.
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The Mika app was developed in collaboration with leading research institutions.
All content undergoes rigorous expert review before publication.

How Mika can support your patients and your practice

Mika during consultations

Mika makes it quick and easy for patients to monitor their symptoms and any side effects. This ensures patients are better prepared for their consultation and can bring a precise record of symptoms with them.
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    Gain an overview faster
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    Make more informed decisions thanks to accurate data
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    Win time to better tailor treatment to your patients’ needs

Mika in everyday use by patients

Mika offers evidence-based, guideline-compliant and validated content designed to enhance quality of life. The app contains tips and information on nutrition, exercise and relaxation, but also on socio-legal and oncological matters. All content is presented in an easy-to-understand way and is fully accessible.
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    Provides only correct information
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    Low-threshold educational content promotes use
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    Practical tips make everyday life easier

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Simply download the Mika app and test its numerous functions. It’s free of charge.

Effectiveness and research

Pilot study conducted at the Charité - Positive effects of supporting treatment with Mika

Psychological distress1
1 Prospective Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of the Clinical Efficacy of the Fosanis Mika App 2020
A 12-week prospective, randomised and controlled pilot study conducted at the Charité Berlin sought to establish the effects of supporting cancer treatment with Mika.
The probands of the pilot study were patients with gynecological tumours.
Patients who used Mika reported a 23% reduction of fatigue and a 42% reduction of psychological distress after a 12-week period of app-based support in comparison to before they used the app.
The clinical validity of the observed effects was found to be sufficient (Cohen's d).
“Cancer often represents a complex multiple burden for those affected, which can significantly reduce the overall quality of life. Psychosocial distress is particularly widespread among cancer patients. Digital treatment support, such as that offered by the Mika app, represents a meaningful improvement in the range of available oncological care. Our data from the OnkoDigitrial II study showed that using Mika was able to reduce psychological stress among study participants.”
Prof. Dr. Anja Mehnert-Theuerkauf
Psycho-oncologist and Head of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology at University Hospital Leipzig
“The Charité operates at the international forefront of innovations in the field of medical care. I see the Mika cancer app as a very innovative addition in terms of making education and information available to cancer patients. Studies conducted with the help of cancer patients show time and again that this is an area in which we need to do better. Of course, digitalisation cannot replace a doctor-patient relationship, but it can support care and support in a meaningful way. From my daily practice, I know how valuable it is for patients to play an active role in their treatment process and that this also makes the doctor-patient relationship stronger.”
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jalid Sehouli
Director of the Clinic for Gynaecology plus Centre for Oncological Surgery at the Charité Campus Virchow Clinic
“I can use the app to obtain reliable data on how a patient has been doing during the last few weeks of treatment. The app’s health diary also shows how symptoms have developed over time in graph form. This function can even help to educate the patients since they’ll be provided with tips on how to lessen symptoms and on when to seek medical advice based on their specific input. Mika strengthens the doctor-patient relationship, which makes patients more likely to stick to their treatment plan.”
Dr. Thomas Heuser
Senior Consultant at the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Herford

“Mika can help us to transition away from a directive towards a more cooperative approach to the doctor-patient relationship. Next to being medical practitioners, we must also be partners and companions during and after cancer treatment.

We can only ensure treatment suits our patients if we understand and cooperate with them when it comes to shaping their treatment plan and by taking any side effects seriously. Patients will be more likely to endure undesirable effects if they know their doctor will help them to to better manage side effects. Mika helps patients to stick to their treatment plan and therefore increases their chances of recovery.”

Christian Keink, M.D.
M.Sc., specialist for internal medicine and reviewer of the Mika app
    OnkoDigiTrial II

    Comprehensive intervention effects on distress-associated parameters

    University Hospital Leipzig, Germany
    Principal Investigator
    Prof. Dr. Anja Mehnert-Theuerkauf
    Study design
    Randomised controlled trial:
    12 weeks Mika app; waiting list control group
    Sample size
    218 Patients with a variety of tumours (ICD-10: C00-C97)
    Clinical endpoints
    Primary: change in psychological distress (DT).
    Secondary/tertiary: changes in fatigue (FACIT-F), depression and anxiety (HADS-D), quality of life (CGI-I, SF-8), adherence, patient sovereignty, health literacy
    The randomised controlled trial (RCT) showed comprehensive intervention effects on a number of distress-associated parameters after 12 weeks of using the Mika app - compared to the control group with standard care:
    • Reduction of psychological distress
    • Reduction of depressive symptoms
    • Reduction of anxiety symptoms
    • Reduction of fatigue
    The digital Mika offers clinically effective psycho-oncological treatment support that can help to improve the mental health and wellbeing of cancer patients.

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